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1.991 TWh

Energy managed

21 054 T


8 253

Metered points

1 TB/year

Data processed

>11 %

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We are a cleantech digital company committed to simplifying, amplifying and accelerating energy decarbonization for companies and communities around the world.

At our core, we run a suite of advanced energy management software platforms that allow our clients to monitor, manage, optimize and control their energy needs from consumption to generation and storage, and from peer-to-peer trading to flexibility and the reduction of system imbalances. We operate behind the meter and in front of the meter – and our engagement does not stop at software.

We also mobilize and deliver the combined value of digital, financial and human capital to help our clients reduce the time, risk and cost of securing a successful energy transition.

Humankind’s ability to decarbonize energy over the next 10 years will determine the fate of our planet and the sustainability of life on Earth for generations to come. We are committed to helping our clients and partners address this global challenge.

Today, we deliver intelligent energy management solutions to more than 2,000 clients in the commercial and industrial space, including 12 international airports.


As originators, fund finders and digital technology providers we also help bring to life new renewable energy generation and storage capacity for our clients while managing the consumption and cost performance of these assets.


As the volume of energy we manage grows, so too does our Virtual Power Plant (VPP). We view this as an important step in creating peer-to-peer trading platforms, particularly relevant for Smart Cities and Energy Communities where we're gaining deep experience via our software engagement and a stake in leading public lighting franchises.


We believe these developments are essential in building a world in which clean energy is decentralized, digitized and democratized.

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Kisense® allows commercial and industrial enterprises to monitor, manage, control, optimize and plan a viable path towards decarbonization through a bespoke digital twin designed to work with all energy sources and storage solutions.

We deploy deep domain expertise in energy systems and advanced software, to help our clients accelerate local investment in renewable energy infrastructure.


Our unique multidisciplinary approach allows us to deliver solutions that are both technologically sound and financially attractive.


As we simplify, amplify and accelerate our clients' journey towards decarbonization we are also evolving into a full-scale smart utility, channeling ever greater volumes of clean energy to countless new clients through a network of digitally interconnected renewable energy assets

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Covid-19 and Climate Change

Covid-19 has profoundly impacted the global economy.


Despite the severity of the current situation, recent developments suggest a path out of this crisis is achievable. Unprecedented levels of human and financial capital are being deployed alongside the world's most advanced technologies to mitigate the progression of Coronavirus. Scientists agree that these resources will arrest the spread of Coronavirus. In short, it's only a matter of time before the global economy slowly emerges from the clasp of Covid-19.


When that happens, we will be facing the same global challenges we were grappling with before the pandemic. Many challenges will have been further complicated by Covid-19 yet the underlying call for action will not have disappeared.


We believe that Climate Change will not only remain a priority for humanity in the years to come but also that the sense of urgency to address this challenge will in fact increase. No country stands to gain from the economic burdens of Climate Change, nor the enormous ancillary healthcare costs tied to air pollution. Staying the course is environmentally, socially and economically untenable.


Companies and communities around the world are being challenged to decarbonize their operations in record time. Government stimulus packages designed to restart the national economies coupled with ambitious regional plans such as the EU Green Deal, are widely expected to facilitate this transition over the next decade.


As we approach this paradigm shift, a wave of new and unmet market needs will emerge, requiring innovative technologies, important operational adjustments and viable financial solutions.


We are ready to meet these needs head on.

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