Image by Lukas Träger

Smart Cities

Cities account for roughly 75% of global CO2 emissions and with over 50% of humanity now living in urban settings, it's more important than ever to address this aspect of the energy transition.


Urban planners and municipal authorities around the world are actively seeking to transform metropolitan areas into Smart Cities. 

By combining the power of the internet to the data gathering capability of interconnected sensors and actionable insights drawn from advanced computing and analytics, we are helping to create a new, cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable model of life in the city.


New legislative concepts such as the EU's Renewable Energy Communities and the emergence of Virtual Power Plants (VPP) are redefining how citizens, devices, networks, organizations and buildings will interact as we shift towards a more sustainable form of urban living.


Expanding infrastructure for electric vehicles and continued growth in clean energy generation capacity will inherently affect a broad array of public services including street lighting, water supply networks, transportation systems and waste management.


Cleanwatts is deeply enmeshed in the hard work of creating this new reality, harnessing real-time data to better manage the evolving energy needs of urban life.