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Retail & Distribution

Retail & Distribution represents a broad segment of the global economy. It includes everything from branch based businesses to warehousing and logistics.


Reducing and controlling operating expenses is a constant effort for these enterprises. Overspending on energy and utilities can affect the financial viability of a specific location which can, over time, impact customer satisfaction.


Our engagement begins with a recognition that each individual location is in fact part of a broader network of locations. As such our solutions are designed to provide clarity, actionable data and control mechanisms that allow clients to actively manage energy efficiency at individual shop floor level and in the aggregate, across all rooftops in a particular region.

Our achievements


Today we provide real-time energy management capability to over 800 individual bank branches.


Banks were among our first clients in the retail and distribution sector. Our partnerships in the banking industry have enabled us to develop a range of digital solutions and services that we have since replicated in a variety of other industries. It was by working closely with banks that we first developed our ability to actively manage and reduce energy consumption across a geographically dispersed network of large office buildings and small branches. Our ‘alert’ and ‘control’ features were initially developed to allow clients in the banking industry to act upon leading KPIs – both indoor and outdoor variables – to achieve the best possible energy efficiency outcomes for each specific location. Supporting clients in this space also deeply enhanced our system integration expertise and taught us how to ensure that our platforms operate seamlessly even with the most sophisticated ERPs and stringent cybersecurity standards.


Our solutions in this sector have generated cost savings in excess of 40%.*

*based on IPMVP framework

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Bill management

Our digital tools

Centralise consumption data of multiple locations in one platform which allows to better manage your ecological footprint.

Data explorer

Analyse your energy consumption and act quickly. Know when, how and where energy is spent and find out which devices consume more energy.


Define when and how you want to be alerted for excessive consumption that occur outside scheduled time and/or defined objectives.


Remotely control devices and your energy consumption areas, schedule working periods and parameters.


Obtain customisable regular reports as well as specific reports for the different areas of your facilities. Closely monitor your facilities’ energy consumption.


Define saving targets and permanently monitor their evolution. Compare the obtained savings with the implemented measures and perform a ROI forecast of these measures.


Identify the key-moments of your facilities’ energy consumption.

Our service capabilities


We are your partners to identify relevant solutions and opportunities to decarbonize and reduce energy costs.

Digital twin

We design and deploy a 360˚ energy digital twin aggregation all facilities and energy assets.


We lead distributed renewable energy generation capacity assessment, financing and project planning.


We assist on reducing errors and penalties on all utility bills from all locations and offer tariff analysis and simulations to support best energy buying decisions.

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