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Co-funded by:

Project # 18015


Support in the scope of the Incentives for Research and Technological Development (SI R&D) system - Copromotion Proj.


NetEffiCity - Virtual Power Networks Efficient Management (PT2020)


Total Eligible Cost: 274.254,37€


EU funded support: 151.803,63€

Project overview

This project intends to validate and demonstrate, on a large scale, previously developed technologies in R&D activities, that allow to increase energy efficiency in buildings, reducing energy consumption during the most expensive periods and optimizing available energetic resources management. It also aims to increase consumers' energy independence by using global management tools for decentralized production.


Energy and environmental monitoring solutions as well as remote control solutions for electrical devices will be applied. These devices will be managed by a centralized software platform, responsible for the acquisition, validation and storage of the collected data, for further processing and decision support techniques application based on neural networks and learning capacity. This platform will inform users about their consumption profiles, through graphical interfaces specially designed for the different users' categories, to allow a more rational use of energy.


The demonstrator will also allow the creation and testing of new and more efficient business models, exploring to the maximum the demonstrated solutions' potential and leverage the internationalization strategies of the business promoters.


Cleanwatts, as the main promotor of this project that started in September 2016, has developed the Community S concept to better connect the people who will benefit from the project and its objectives.

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