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Project overview

me² represents a new market place for urban actors in which a local community of electric vehicle (EV) users and local smart meter (SM) owners are brought together through means of a local urban online community. The combination of these technologies in a community allows to integrate mobility with electricity, to balance the grid, to reduce electricity costs, and to enable a feeling of local belonging. me² enables urban demand-side management, i.e. aims to modify consumer demand for energy such as using less energy during peak hours in an urban community.

Expected Results:

  • Smart City Aggregator platform

  • Pilots in a city with high degree of EV adoption (Amsterdam) and in a city with a lower degree of EV adoption (Lisbon)

  • Increased understanding and integration of e-mobility and electricity behaviour, developing mechanisms to influence these behaviours using gamification elements based on smart algorithms

  • Mechanisms to balance local grids, defined in a 10% smoothened load curve

  • Lowered average energy costs for consumers, defined in 10% lower energy costs

  • A policy recommendation

  • A viable business model

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