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Cleanwatts has created Cleanwatts Living Lab, an open innovation ecosystem that connects people and technology to build a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future.
Cleanwatts Living Lab will help us build the best business models and technological and social solutions for the creation of the energy communities of the future. Cleanwatts Living Lab will also strengthen and empower the end-user as an active agent of the energy system, by creating new ways of consuming, producing, storing and sharing energy, known as local energy markets.
Cleanwatts Living Lab will incorporate renewable energy communities under current legislation, and REC pilot projects inserted in "regulatory sandboxes" mechanisms in order to test disruptive solutions, in a real and controlled environment, that allow the simplification and acceleration of energy decarbonization, while delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for its members.

Cleanwatts Living Lab will allow its participants to produce, consume and store local clean energy, and make energy consumption more flexible. Users can also share energy among themselves, charge electric vehicles and provide flexibility services and auxiliary services to the electricity grid to increase the security and quality of supply. This will allow companies to increase their competitiveness and will give families and institutions extra disposable income, while also fighting energy poverty and enabling greater access to essential energy services at affordable costs.

The interoperable solutions and devices that make up Cleanwatts Living Lab are connected and integrated using Cleanwatts™ OS, which has the capacity of intelligently and efficiently integrating and managing these assets and energy flows within the community, while also guaranteeing the interaction with the grid.

Cleanwatts Living Lab was developed within the scope of the Kiplo® STEP project, so that innovative business models can be tested to minimize, cancel or finance the initial investment in the constitution of energy communities and the development of local energy markets using energy sharing and P2P transaction models, and sophisticated and robust technologies that ensure transparency, security and trust, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Local energy markets associated with energy communities managed by advanced systems will play a critical role in the future of energy systems. With Cleanwatts Living Lab, we aim to anticipate the future of energy communities, by creating an effective open innovation ecosystem, where our employees will be the first to experience the benefits that we intend to provide to our customers, and together, contribute to a better and more decarbonized world.

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