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Project overview

Kiplo STEP (Smart Transactive Energy Platform)

Kiplo® STEP is a highly scalable, automated, adaptive, flexible, secure technical solution to deploy Transactive Energy Communities that enables an easy aggregation and monetization of demand flexibility and energy surplus by implementing different Energy Communities (EC) configurations connected with upstream markets (or multi-layered energy market) and energy transactive environments.

The platform introduces automated mechanisms that simplify the end-users' interactions with:

  • Local energy markets between different members in the energy community providing more transparency and accessibility to them;

  • Upstream markets (or multi-layered energy market), allowing them to have a very active role responding to market requests, complying with physical, legal and regulatory barriers and framework, exploring new business opportunities related with the energy flexibility of small loads, promoting the reduction of energy bills, maximizing renewables integration, providing ancillary services while assuring a quality and security of supply.

Kiplo® STEP, will be an end-to-end platform that connects consumers, prosumers and aggregators enabling new business models and fostering local energy markets and energy communities.

It is a project supported by the Horizon Europe under the EIC Accelerator Seal of Excellence scope, by the call Aviso N.º 18/SI/2020 (SI-47-2020-18)

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