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Project overview

We are GRETA, a project that paves the path to active energy citizenship and communities. Energy citizenship means that every one of us can use energy in a sustainable way and participate in the energy transition.

The challenge

The EU aims to reach climate neutrality by 2050. This goal can only be achieved if citizens are given equal opportunity to take action towards it.

Energy citizenship

Energy citizenship means that every one of us can use energy in a sustainable way to move towards active participation in the energy transition.

The project

GRETA studies the social side of the energy transition. We want to understand how energy citizenship works in different contexts and geographical levels. What kind of knowledge, social structures, technology or financial resources are needed to make an active energy citizen?

Case studies

From 2021 to 2023, we will be working with energy communities in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Citizens in these communities will adopt renewable energy, use electric vehicles, monitor their energy consumption and participate in the sustainable planning of mobility both within their cities and internationally.

GRETA will also launch a first-of-its-kind EU-wide empirical citizen consultation. Our survey will be sent to energy customers, suppliers, intermediaries, retailers and policymakers in 25 countries, driving unique insights about the emergence of energy citizenship.


GRETA studies solutions and provides recommendations on how to achieve civic energy empowerment through energy citizenship. The project has five objectives:

  1. To understand who energy citizens are.

  2. To understand how energy citizens act and interact.

  3. To develop and test behavioural strategies, approaches and models for facilitating energy citizenship.

  4. To realize impact by scaling approaches from local to regional, national, and supranational levels.

  5. To improve the policymaking process.


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