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Co-funded by:

Project # 034067


Support in the scope of the Incentives for Research and Technological Development (SI R&D) system - Copromotion Proj.


Flexigy - Energy Flexibility Services Platform

Total Eligible Cost: 1.055.557,57€


EU funded support: 668.538,32€

Project overview

R&D focuses on three main challenges:


1. How to overcome regulation barriers to deploy balancing and flexibility services


The consortium will create an Energy Virtual Community concept that will operate behind the meter overcoming the legal barriers. The services will be developed in a way that the aggregator will engage energy assets with private bilateral contracts that will allow the use of distributed energy resources in a collaborative approach so that the benefit from the contribution of all community will be significant higher than the individual optimization of energy assets.


2. How to gain end-user trust to participate


We will implement Blockchain technology in the community platform to increase trust and help with the virtual energy transactions management.


3. How to operationalise community optimization mechanisms



We will develop the Cyber-physical components that will ensure the reliability of the system complying with the needed low cost requirement to be economically viable.


Key outputs:

  • Development of load management flexibility services

  • Development of distributed thermal storage flexibility services

  • Development of distributed batteries storage flexibility services

  • Development of virtual energy transaction management system


Location: Coimbra

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