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Solar Energy

Energy Communities

Renewable Energy Communities are reframing society’s relationship with energy and paving the way for a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future... a future in which the benefits of the global energy transition are delivered where they matter most: locally.


Unlike other players in our space, we take a holistic view of existing and emerging energy community needs. Cleanwatts™ OS is designed to generate value both behind the meter and in front of the meter by seamlessly connecting the dots between generation, storage, consumption, trading and balancing of energy at every level of a local community.


Join us as we build a world in which resilient clean energy is decentralized, digitalized and democratized.


REC managed

17.5+ MWp

Total capacity


Community members


In August 2021, Cleanwatts inaugurated Portugal's first renewable energy community in a small town called Miranda do Douro. Today we’re on track to originate and manage more than 100 energy communities across Portugal for an aggregated capacity of over 40MWp solar PV. We’re now expanding internationally across Europe and other regions.


In addition to serving existing and emerging energy communities, we also originate energy communities with local anchor clients for whom we combine our unique digital offering with zero capex solutions that remove friction from investing in distributed energy resources at the heart of the energy transition.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
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