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Energy Communities

Energy Communities


In most countries, the traditional model of centralized power generation is giving way to a new system characterized by a large number of decentralized power generators typically driven by renewable energy sources.


In this new model, energy consumers are also potential producers, able to simultaneously consume, produce and sell energy. In short, the traditionally passive role of energy consumers is fast evolving towards that of an active contributor.


New business models and digital tools are unlocking new options in respect of decarbonization and cost optimization.


Over the past decade we have built extensive knowledge in this field by working closely with many local communities and leading research centres to develop tools and services that truly deliver social, environmental and economic value for our partners.

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Our achievements

We have successfully implemented energy communities with more than 120 participants and several public buildings in three Portuguese municipalities.


We have validated social, environmental and economic benefits for all members of these communities. Consumers paid a lower price for electricity purchased from grid-connected prosumers within the energy community, compared to the electricity purchased directly from energy utilities. Similarly, prosumers saw greater returns by trading surplus clean energy generated within the energy community when compared to reselling it to the main grid operator. Energy sharing cost reductions were delivered as rebates in the monthly energy bill. New tariff models were designed offering attractive energy cost savings across these energy communities.


Our Energy Communities technology has also been used to manage energy sharing in Brazilian distributed generation projects, where we have tracked and supported invoicing of energy shared credits.

With our simple and easy to use interfaces we provide:

  • Energy sharing tracking

  • Gamified engagement features

  • Community membership management

  • O&M supervision

  • Real time asset management

We partner with Energy Communities to simplify, amplify and accelerate decarbonization while reducing energy costs:

  • Assessment, financing and planning of new clean energy generation capacity.

  • Development of social engagement strategies. 

  • Design of tariff structures and guidance on best energy buying decisions for remaining grid-derived energy needs.

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