A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a digital platform that connects a large number of distributed energy resources in a manner that allows grid operators and indeed the entire energy network to run more efficiently.


Distributed energy resources may include renewable generation assets such as PV solar panels, wind farms, energy storage units, EVs and many other remotely controllable devices.


By digitally connecting these elements to an intelligent and centralized control room (VPP), the functioning of each discrete asset can be scheduled and dispatched more efficiently. In this respect, VPPs can also act as trading platforms to efficiently trade or sell power into local or regional electricity markets.


VPPs are an increasingly relevant component of the energy transition. They can dramatically improve the use of distributed renewables and most importantly help grid operators address the many challenges inherent to the intermittency of renewables and volatility. In short, VPPs ensure the entire system works more efficiently and economically.


We are committed to deliver robust VPP platforms that help simplify, amplify and accelerate the uptake in renewable energy while protecting the operational stability of the entire network.

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Our achievements

We were the first company in Portugal to design and launch a VPP.


We integrated and aggregated generation and market operations management data from TSOs, DSOs and renewable energy sources, as well as forecasting and bidding (Day-ahead and Intra Day) for 32 renewable energy power plants including Hydro, Wind and Solar generation capacity.


Our 'front of the meter' project delivered important reductions in operating expenses and marked improvements in operational efficiency for all parties while accelerating the introduction of greater renewable generation capacity into the energy mix.


In a different project, this time 'behind the meter', our technology was adopted to meet the energy management needs of over 200 homes.


Specifically, our home energy management solution helped each household aggregate and manage their respective needs from energy storage and daily use of domestic appliances, to the functioning of water heaters, boilers, EV chargers and PV installations. Here too, our engagement led to lower rates of consumption and a reduction in energy costs.

Our cloud-based VPP delivers many benefits.

  • Distributed energy resources real time management, analysis and planning.

  • Generation and consumption forecasts.

  • Energy markets trading, programs set-up and imbalances reduction.

  • Producer and prosumers individual power plants contract management.

  • Generation portfolio performance analysis.

  • Creation and management of demand side response programs.

We partner with Utilities and Energy Communities to simplify, amplify and accelerate decarbonization while reducing energy costs:

  • We design and implement robust VPP platforms covering every critical aspect, from the aggregation of discrete assets to the management of highly complex portfolios of distributed resources for direct participation in open energy markets.

  • We make viable the use of flexibility from distributed small loads. 

  • We are developing the platform of choice for peer-to-peer energy trading within Energy Communities of all types.

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