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Real Estate

Energy represents the single most important cost for most commercial properties, accounting for up to 30% of annual operating budgets in many buildings.

Large buildings in particular consume over a third of the world's energy, accounting for just over 20% of global carbon emissions.


We support Commercial Real Estate property owners and facilities managers by delivering long-term solutions that significantly reduce energy costs while accelerating asset decarbonization.

Our achievements


We have been deeply engaged with property owners and facilities managers over the past several years. We've implemented an array of innovative digital solutions focused on reducing idle power and anomalies, optimizing consumption patterns, equipment and system efficiencies and behavioral change initiatives.


Our engagement in this sector has helped clients achieve annual energy cost savings in excess of 40%.*

*based on IPMVP framework

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Our digital tools


Quickly, remotely and accurately manage energy related expenses across multiple tenants in any number of properties.

Data explorer

Analyse your energy consumption and act quickly. Know when, how and where energy is spent and find out which devices consume more energy.


Define when and how you want to be alerted for excessive consumption that occur outside scheduled time and/or

defined objectives.


Remotely control devices and your energy consumption areas, schedule working periods and parameters.


Obtain customisable regular reports as well as specific reports for the different areas of your facilities. Closely monitor your facilities’ energy consumption.


Define energy saving targets and track performance against these targets over time. Compare achieved savings against measures implemented. Perform ROI assessments and forecasts against these metrics.


Identify key moments impacting your facilities' consumption levels and plan accordingly to ensure the most efficient use of energy.

Our service capabilities


We are your partners to identify relevant solutions and opportunities to decarbonize and reduce energy costs.

Bill management

We remotely and accurately manage all energy related expenses across multiple tenants in any number of properties.

Digital twin

We design and deploy a 360˚ energy digital twin of all our clients’ buildings and energy assets.


We lead renewable energy generation capacity assessment, financing and project planning.


We assist our clients with a multidisciplinary approach to continuously identify new technological and behavioural changes to increase their savings and carbon emission reduction.

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