Clinics & Hospitals

Our relationship with clients in the healthcare sector begins with a thorough assessment of the facility, including spatial considerations and primary uses, critical equipment and existing energy related infrastructure.


We seek to understand where and how energy demand is generated and how each finding in our analysis affects total energy costs and the efficient functioning of each department.


We offer a range of digital tools and services designed to maintain operational stability of the healthcare facility while reducing energy costs, protecting ambient conditions and ensuring the comfort of both patients and staff.

Our achievements


Working with Clinics & Hospitals we have helped them to identify and define relevant energy efficiency and energy renewables investments that best suits each clinical and technical operations profile. We have built their detailed consumption track record and helped on segmenting energy usage by device, sector and groups of equipment and set-up remote control settings and alarms to optimize energy and eliminate abnormal consumption.

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Data explorer

Our digital tools

Analyse your energy consumption and act quickly. Know when, how and where energy is spent and find out which devices consume more energy.


Define when and how you want to be alerted for excessive consumption that occur outside scheduled time and/or defined objectives.


Remotely control devices and your energy consumption areas, schedule working periods and parameters.


Obtain customisable regular reports as well as specific reports for the different areas of your facilities. Closely monitor your facilities’ energy consumption.


Define saving targets and permanently monitor their evolution. Compare the obtained savings with the implemented measures and perform a ROI forecast of these measures.


Identify the key-moments of your facilities’ energy consumption.

Our service capabilities


We are your partners to identify relevant solutions and opportunities to decarbonize and reduce energy costs.

Bill management

In support of private clinics, we remotely and accurately manage all energy related expenses across multiple locations and lab facilities.

Digital twin

We design and deploy a 360˚ energy digital twin of the Clinics & Hospitals.


We lead our clients in renewable energy generation capacity assessment, financing and project planning.


Our solutions are integrated with existing systems and provide accurate data to enhance service quality and support best energy buying decisions.

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