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Hotels & Resorts

Tourism accounts for roughly 8% of anthropogenic greenhouse gases. Most of these emissions stem from transportation and electricity consumption.

Energy spending deeply affects the financial performance of hotels and resorts. Inefficient energy sourcing decisions contribute to over 60% of this sector's CO2 emissions.

In short, we partner closely with hotels and resorts to establish the most effective solutions for each individual client, addressing location-specific equipment, facilities and guest expectations.


In doing so, we help reduce energy costs while boosting our client's sustainability profile.

Our achievements


Our digital solutions have been implemented in over 70 hotels and resorts. Our systems provide real-time visualization of relevant KPIs, including energy consumption per room and per service, as well as identifying, signaling and controlling consumption anomalies.


Our experts support hotel management teams by designing and delivering bespoke initiatives that help achieve decarbonization goals while reducing energy related operating expenses.

Our projects in the hospitality sector have delivered a broad array of benefits, including better maintenance planning, longer lifetimes for essential equipment and significant reductions in system inefficiencies, waste and idle consumption.


We also help hotel management teams communicate their decarbonization goals and engage their guests through our digital tools by inviting them to track, monitor and control their individual consumption of energy, water and overall carbon footprint.

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Our digital tools

Bill management

Quickly access data on key performance indicators like energy per occupation, meals served, etc.

Data explorer

Analyse your energy consumption and act quickly. Know when, how and where energy is spent and find out which devices consume more energy.


Define when and how you want to be alerted for excessive consumption that occur outside scheduled time and/or defined objectives.


Remotely control devices and your energy consumption areas, schedule working periods and parameters.


Obtain customisable regular reports as well as specific reports for the different areas of your facilities. Closely monitor your facilities’ energy consumption.


Define saving targets and permanently monitor their evolution. Compare the obtained savings with the implemented measures and perform a ROI forecast of these measures.


Identify the key-moments of your facilities’ energy consumption.

Our service capabilities


We are your partners to identify relevant solutions and opportunities to decarbonize and reduce energy costs.

Digital Twin

We design and deploy a 360˚ energy digital twin of all our clients’ facilities and energy assets.


We design and deploy microgrid solutions for hotels & resorts.


We lead renewable energy generation capacity assessment, financing and project planning.


We provide tariff analysis and simulations to support best energy buying decisions.

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