Ports & Airports

Over the past decade transport hubs around the world have expanded significantly, generating greater levels of complexity and energy inefficiency in daily operations.

Addressing the financial cost and environmental impact of these developments has become a top priority for management teams across this sector.


Our digital tools and on-site services are designed to help lower and optimize energy costs while delivering meaningful progress towards site-specific decarbonization goals.

Our achievements


We currently support 12 international airports.


Across these airports, we collectively gather, visualize and manage over 4,000 distinct data points, including consumption of electricity, water and gas, as well as levels of foam, enthalpy and many other variables that contribute either directly or indirectly to overall energy demand.


Our digital platforms integrate seamlessly with airport ERPs to monitor, manage and allocate the correct energy cost to each individual retail store, department or designated area within the airport perimeter.





Our digital tools

Bill management

Quickly, remotely and accurately manage energy related expenses across hundreds of commercial spaces in each airport.

Data explorer

Analyse your energy consumption and act quickly. Know when, how and where energy is spent and find out which devices consume more energy.


Define when and how you want to be alerted for excessive consumption that occur outside scheduled time and/or

defined objectives.


Remotely control devices and your energy consumption areas, schedule working periods and parameters.


Obtain customisable regular reports as well as specific reports for the different areas of your facilities. Closely monitor your facilities’ energy consumption.


Define energy saving targets and track performance against these targets over time. Compare achieved savings against measures implemented. Perform ROI assessments and forecasts against these metrics.


Identify key moments impacting your facilities' consumption levels and plan accordingly to ensure the most efficient use of energy.

Our service capabilities


Enlist our team as your trusted partner to identify relevant solutions to decarbonize your operations and reduce your energy costs.

Digital Twin

We design and deploy a bespoke 360˚ energy energy profile digital twin of your entire facility and each relevant asset.


We help you assess, plan and finance the installation of new renewable energy generation capacity.


We reduce errors and costly penalties by managing your utility bills, conducting thorough tariff analyses and delivering simulations to help drive the most favorable energy buying decision for your enterprise.



We are a cleantech digital company committed to simplifying, amplifying and accelerating energy decarbonization for companies and communities around the world.

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