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Co-funded by:

Project # 40004

Support in the scope of the Incentives for Research and Technological Development (SI R&D) system - Copromotion Proj.


AESOP – Autonomic Service Operation


Total Eligible Cost: 109.698,37€


EU funded support: 79.115,75€

Project overview

In order to guarantee business services, software solutions deployed to any cloud provider need to maintain proper availability and performance levels. Although there are currently several different approaches and tools that monitor technical parameters, these are not enough for monitoring business levels. Therefore, there is a gap between what can be monitored and observed and hat the business needs.


In order to overcome this gap, this project aims to develop a new platform that allows to specify a set of business parameters, while those parameters are part of a feedback adaptive loop that can actuate on those applications and its infrastructure beneath.


This feedback loop will take advantage on virtualized infrastructure, built on infrastructure-as-code principles that are to extended to address the business level needs. For this purpose, we need to make an explicit definition on what those business levels are, both during development cycle and operation cycle.


In order to achieve this overall goal, we built a 3 company consortium, where University of Coimbra will bring the ability to research and explore new algorithms for adaptive detection and predictive actuation; Cleanwatts will bring the overall real world information from the industry and Fiercely will work for integrating the different views and technologies in order to guarantee the holistic view on business performance.


Location: Coimbra

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